TS-SS400 Introduction to Scripture Video USB
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TS-SS400 Introduction to Scripture Video USB

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Accompanying videos for the facilitator on USB.

Instructors Tony and Charmaine Chvala-Smith prepare facilitators and take students on a journey through this eight-session course. The Introduction to Scripture book is an important accompaniment for each student.

The USB drive contains the following components and running times:

Facilitators Tips (25:19). Tells facilitators what resources (bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.) they will need to supply for the class settings, and it provides guidance on how much time to allow for each component, how best to schedule the classes, and how to be prepared for questions students might have.

Ways of Discovering Gods Will (36:24). This is a video of President Steve Veazey teaching about the importance of the six lenses disciples can use to understand Gods will (scripture being one of the lenses).

The eight sessions contain the teaching components of the course, taught by Tony and Charmaine Chvala-Smith. Each session has built-in places where students are assigned tasks or instructed to share in conversation along with the class in the video. Facilitators should be familiar with each session so they know how best to conduct each session.

Session 1 (1:16:46). What Is Scripture?
Session 2 (1:04:32). Scripture in the Life of the Church
Session 3 (1:08:09). Understanding Genre and Literary Context
Session 4 (1:01:20). Understanding the Importance of Historical, Cultural Context
Session 5 (1:05:49). Using the Old Testament Responsibly
Session 6 (54:22). Dealing with Difficult Texts
Session 7 (1:25:49). Scripture in Congregational Life (also teaches how to do a sample small-group Bible study)
Session 8 (53:42). Scripture Study and the Holy Spirits Call

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