Military Service, Pacifism, and Discipleship
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Military Service, Pacifism, and Discipleship

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By David Anderson and Andrew Bolton

Should a Christian disciple serve in the military or not? Is war sometimes regretfully necessary? Anderson, a colonel in the US Air Force, and Bolton, coordinator of peace and justice ministries, tackle these ethical questions from a rich diversity of perspectives. Part one includes testimonies from church members who share very different points of view. Part two consists of in-depth studies of different positions: obeying the law of the land, just war, pacifism, realism, and crusade. In part 3 each author argues their own perspective. They conclude together that the church needs to tackle this subject but can remain in good fellowship with one another as they do so.

This is an excellent book for both personal study and for a senior high through adult age class. Structured discussion questions and activities are included. As war is a reality in many parts of the world, this resource helps people think through important questions about discipleship, war, and peace.

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