The Auditorium Organ
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The Auditorium Organ

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By David Pickering

The Auditorium Organ conveys the 42-year history of ambition and desire that led to the Aeolian-Skinner organs inaugural recital in 1959 and to its distinguished service in a variety of roles in the ensuing 54 years. The largest Aeolian-Skinner built under president Joseph Whiteford and the second largest organ built by the company after the death of G. Donald Harrison, this has been one of the more frequently heard organs in the United States, having been featured in coast-to-coast radio broadcasts for 30 years. Pickering weaves a colorful historical narrative of one of the notable American Classic organs that survives to this day. --Publisher

This is the eighth book in the series, Organ Historical Society Monographs in American Organ History.

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