Tell the Sacred Story
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Tell the Sacred Story

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By Dick and Barbara Howard

Richard and Barbara Howard have used their gifts to weave together an exciting variety of stories from church history, our scriptures, our hymnody, good books, and personal experiences. Each lesson begins with intergenerational storytelling using a popular children's book or an original story written for this resource. (While it is ideal to use the children's books, the text has been designed for use without them if they are not available.) The adult lesson that follows will enrich each ones understanding of our faith traditions sacred story and provide opportunity to explore the individual stories of participants and the shared story of the gathered fellowship.

Divided into five chapters, the resource helps participants understand and give voice to the sacred story by developing ideas of how individual and corporate story blesses the Community of Christ. This resource will help your group understand how the sacred story unites, heals, transforms, and empowers. This resource will work well for retreats or other group or family gatherings.

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