Worship Resources and Sermon & Class Helps 2018 (CD-ROM)
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Worship Resources and Sermon & Class Helps 2018 (CD-ROM)

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Lectionary Year B: Beginning Advent 2017 to Advent 2018, New Testament (with focus on the Gospel according to Mark)

This CD-ROM contains PDFs of the contents of Worship Resources, Year B weekly worship outlines that include Community of Christ worship themes, lectionary-based scriptures, ways to engage all ages, recommended hymns from Community of Christ Sings, drama scripts and responsive readings, special prayers, focus moments, worship settings, and more.

And PDFs of the contents of Sermon & Class Helps, Year B which contains sermon and class helps based on focus scriptures listed in the Revised Common Lectionary for Sundays and special liturgical days during Year B. This Year A emphasis is on the New Testament, particularly on the Gospel according to Mark. Each sermon help includes Exploring the Scripture, an exegesis of the text including critical interpretation of the context, people, and events described in the featured scripture passage. Sections called Central Ideas and Questions for the Speaker contain suggestions for a sermon thesis and questions to help the preacher frame the ideas. Includes two PowerPoint files that go with specific worship suggestions. Use the PDF files on the CD-ROM to customize worship experiences for your congregation throughout the year.

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