The Priesthood Manual - 2004 Edition
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The Priesthood Manual - 2004 Edition

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Every priesthood member in the Community of Christ will gain insight and direction for ministry from the new edition of The Priesthood Manual. This essential reference book and guide has been completely revised and updated to provide the most current understandings of ordained ministry in the church.

Part 1 offers an in-depth examination of the various offices of the Melchisedec and Aaronic orders, matched to individual callings and areas of ministry. Those called to the Aaronic priesthood are challenged to become ministers of presence, while Melchisedec priesthood ministry centers on mission and vision. Together they offer the church a rich and divinely inspired tapestry.

Part 2 examines corporate worship and home ministry. Individual chapters on the sacraments are related directly to priesthood ministry. Other chapters look at preaching ministry, prayer and fellowship services, visiting the ill, funerals, wedding and marriage planning, and home ministry.

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