July 2022 Worship Planning (Year C)

July 2022 Worship Planning (Year C)

Organized by week, each file contains worship suggestions, sermon and class helps, and the small group resource.  

Available in two formats:

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  • 3 July 2022        (.doc)  (web
  • 10 July 2022      (.doc)  (web
  • 17 July 2022      (.doc)  (web
  • 24 July 2022      (.doc)  (web
  • 31 July 2022      (.doc)  (web

 July Prayer for Peace (available in late June)

Annual Planning Tools

  • Prayer for Peace - List of Countries    (PDF)
  • Scripture and Themes-Year C  (.doc)  (web)
  • Worship Planning Helps          (.doc)  (web)
  • Lectionary Chart                      (PDF)

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