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The Journey of a People set of 3
The Journey of a People set of 3 $89.95
This epic three-volume set by Mark A. Scherer takes readers on a journey from 1820 to 2015. The series recounts nearly two centuries of evolution from the early days of the Restoration to todays identity as a worldwide community. The compilation provides readers a deeply entertaining and informative look at church history.
In Pursuit of Peace
In Pursuit of Peace $12.95
Community of Christ’s Journey
The vision of Zion, the peaceable kingdom, was at the heart of the 19th-century movement that gave birth to Community of Christ. As the journey continues in the 21st century, the church remains committed to Christs mission. In Pursuit of Peace: Community of Christs Journey brings readers a scintillating and insightful look at how the church has remained true to its mission.
The Journey of a People vol. 3
The Journey of a People vol. 3 $34.95
The Era of Worldwide Community, 1946 to 2015

The Journey of a People: The Era of Worldwide Community

This 685-page book recounts the church its journey from 1946-2015. It focuses on the churchs evolution from Latter Day Saint identity to worldwide community. The third and final volume in this popular series by Mark A. Scherer gives readers explanations, stories, anecdotes, and illustrations.
Mission Prayer Cards (Pack of 25)
Mission Prayer Cards (Pack of 25) $8.95
Mission prayer cards
These cards, sized to fit in your wallet or purse, come in packs of 25. One side features the church seal, name, web address, and the phrase: Christs mission, our mission. The other side offers a prayer that connects with mission.
Of Water and Spirit
Of Water and Spirit $15.95
Preparing for Baptism and Confirmation in Community of Christ
The path to baptism and confirmation is just the start of the journey in the life of all disciples. This attractive adult book, geared toward 2016 reunions and family camps. It offers a wealth of guidance that will help people understand and deepen their discipleship. Unlike the similarly named book for children, this 12-lesson offering focuses on leading youth, adults, and seekers into deeper understandings of discipleship as they prepare for the sacraments.
TS-MP300 Introduction to Priesthood Ministry
TS-MP300 Introduction to Priesthood Ministry $29.95
This 10-lesson course helps ordinands and current priesthood members understand and apply the Covenant Principles for Faithful Priesthood Ministry.
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